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How positive are we?

In the last couple of years being positive is something a lot of people talk about. They describe themselves as very positive but their action shows the opposite. The amazing thing is that they don’t recognize it. But how can this gap between the thinking and the acting be so big? A plant needs water to grow, to get great gym results going to a gym on regular basis is a must, to feel lean and healthy eating must be part of the process. Being positive is the same! The mind needs to be fed with positive thought and experience so the positivity can be reproduced. But how do we reach that point? The typical day for a lot of us is as follows. We wake up and we check our phones, the first dosses of negative news may be read. On the way to work the radio is on the news station and a lot of negativity is being shared. When we reach work, we may discuss all the bad things that was on the news on the way to work. You may happen to work somewhere where the job you do is on a claim department, so you deal with a lot of angry clients the whole day long. Besides that during lunch the conversation that started in the morning continues so the negative energy is being spread. At the end the day when driving home, you continue hearing about all the bad things happening in your country. When you finally reach home, it’s time to argue with the kids about their homework, the mess they made in the living room. You also argue with your partner because he/she bought the wrong brand of dish soap. Finally you reach bedtime. You take a quick shower and go to bed. In bed it’s time to reproduce your day and thing about all the bad things that happened and you also anticipate on all the possible worst case scenarios your mind may betray you with. This is the daily routine on working days. In the weekends the Saturday is for the cleaning, the laundry and the grocery shopping. On Sundays you finally reach church. Your mind is so exhausting that you are not able to really connect with the pastor. Your mind is telling you still need to do because Monday is around the corner. You live like this day after day. The big question here is my friend, where is the time to feed yourself with positivity? You are treating yourself like a plant that is being taking care of. Here is where the intention of being positive stays that way, as an intention. Most of the time we are not even aware that we stop living the life we dream and being just another one of the collective consciousness in the wrong way. So from now on be aware of your thought and things you do. As my favorite teacher of all times dr. Wayne Dyer would say, you attract what you are.

Kids. Wanted at first, and afterwards?

We have the tendency in this busy world to be busy all the time and lose focus of what is really important. We grow up with the illusion that the older we get, the better life will be. But sometimes it’s like we will never reach that point. We all dream about finishing school, getting a job, a wife or a husband and then that precious thing every couple dream about, those beautiful kids. Some need to do so much to reach that point. All types of expensive and painful processes to finally become that parent. And then what? After a few years they become a burden? They cost too much? That’s when thing can go wrong, really wrong. Our kids needs us, what does that mean? What does that really mean? We give them a lot of material stuff. We get extra degrees, more jobs so that we can be provided with the best of the best. But what about the quality time and attention? Do you really know your kids? Do they come to you when things go wrong? Do they ask you for advice? Can you read and feel your kids? What do you know about their development? As a busy and single mom myself I experienced a lot. It was not easy. The one thing I always made sure is to know what is going on with them. I tried to pick them up form school as often as possible. That was the time I could check in with them. Asking about how their day was but not only about school stuff. That was for me the best time to connect with them. If I felt they really needed me I made sure I was there no matter what. I see a lot happening around me, I worked at the public prosecutor’s office and I saw kids, that could be my own in deep trouble. And most of the time the lack of love and attention is what brought them there. I was tired to sit there and watch it happen. The perception of society that these only happens to the kids in the lower social class. I can tell you that it’s not the truth. They get equally in trouble and the source is always the same: Lack of attention, commitment and love. What can we do? Be a family. It doesn’t matter if how the family is build. It is about the commitment of those in one household to each other. Not only on holidays, birthdays or on Facebook. There is a lot we can do to create that harmonious, safe and peace full environment. Then for sure peace and happiness will follow. If you don’t know where to start? We at I-MES can give you some tools. For more information go to my website….

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